What is Metal Lead Stain Glass?

Unlike centuries old stained glass, Our Metal Lead Stain Glass panel is sandwiched between two panes of Toughened Glass. The unit is then vacuumed and sealed with a specially imported seal. The seal incorporated an aluminium strip. This process is done through “Warm Edge Technology”. It improves product performance and makes it a world class Energy Efficient Glass.

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In this we have four Colors available ..

- Rose Gold Glossy
- Black Glossy
- SS Glossy
- Gold Glossy

Benefits of Metal Lead Stain Glass

Metal Lead Stain Glass is one of the most energy efficient and noise reduction medium for Architects around the world. Apart from this, Metal Lead has following benefits:

  1. Sound Reduction
  2. Weather Proof
  3. Safe & Secure
  4. Preserves Cooling
  5. Easy to Install
  6. Easy to Clean
  7. Keeps shining for decades
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