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Prism Glass developed as a technology and innovation-driven brand that has revolutionized the way people think about and use glass. We are always exploring, experimenting, and innovating with the latest technology that can be used in the glass. Over the years, Prism Glass has introduced several quality products.
Customer satisfaction is a core value at Prism Glass, and it is achieved by delivering the best services and quality products.

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What our client says


Firstly, I would like to say that I had visited their website and their website is really impressive. They have good products mentioned in the website and the layout overall is really good. I liked the website .

Pranav S.

They have really good service. They were polite and patient enough to show the products. Even though their products are costly, but it is worth buying because you won't get such quality anywhere.

Meet Tank

I purchased mirror with motion sensor to it and I kept playing with it as I fell in love with the idea to how they have made. It gives you some special kind of feel when you are getting ready and click pictures too.

Pramila Ajmera